The Origin of the Bulldog Breed

Paleontologists assert that the appearance of the Bulldog's ancestors dates back to fifty five million years. They suppose that modern breed and a bear could have common primogenitors. According to the scientific recourses the dog has undergone four stages of evolution. First of all there existed giant bear-dogs, which probably could be the forefathers of today's large-sized dogs or bears. For the second the dogs very similar to hyenas were found in North America. This kind of animal has gradually disappeared.

Finely there appeared two kinds, representing dogs we know today: one group comprised Indian and African hunting dogs which were very similar to wolves but with a special history of the family. The other group consisted of wolves, wild dogs and foxes, which can be considered the backbone of our domestic dogs' family tree.

It is assumed that the Phoenician traders brought malicious Molossus dogs from Ancient Greece to England in the 6 century BC, thus giving life to Mastiff breed. Many breeders consider Mastiff to be a forefather of our modern Bulldog. At list they suppose that Bulldog and Mastiff have probably common ancestor – Alan.

Coming closer to the Middle Ages we learn the fact that, Bulldogs were used for baiting in blood sports, mainly in bull baiting. This explains the origin of its name that means "a dog for baiting the bull".

Precise time of the dog being noted is unknown. First reference of this breed approximately dates back to the 16 century. English people marked Bulldogs out among the other Mastiffs.

From the ancient and till relatively recent times the name “Mastiff” was applied to all large dogs with no exception. This is absolutely true for the Mastiff and Bulldogs. Not to be groundless, we refer to a statement made by Guy Mezh in 1707: “Our mastiffs, especially those called Bulldogs, are notable for their courage. Fighting alone against an enemy, whether it is a bear, a tiger or a lion, it will fight till the end, whether victory or death.

The British people highly appreciated the dog's individuality. It made Bulldog the symbol of Britain. There appeared and even now exist Bulldog clubs aimed to protect and promote this breed.

Thus first we got acquainted with English Bulldog, or if to be more correct with the Old English Bulldog. However American Kennel Club cut the word “English” from its name many years ago, but some people confuse several breeds and call other Bulldog breeds – English Bulldog. Still the Old English Bulldog exists as an independent breed.

You are welcome to read about other breeds of Bulldog such as English Bulldog, American Bulldog and French Bulldog. Each of this breed is individual and has specific features. For you not to misunderstand some very important facts we offer you information concerning the difference between Old English Bulldog, English Bulldog, French Bulldog and American Bulldogs.