Care and Housing

English Bulldogs are calm, even-tempered and good-natured dogs. They are considered to be well suiting breed for housing in an apartment or a country house. Thanks to the phlegmatic nature, they do not cause trouble to their handlers with their behavior and are not dangerous for small children, as well as they get along perfectly with other pets.

Bulldogs do not require physical loads, as far as long walks or jogs just harm your Bully. Remember, hard exercises are contraindicated to this breed. Bulldogs are attached to their home, to their favorite place in the house and to their handler. Sometimes they are called "dogs for lazy people" or "guard dogs on the sofa". Caring for hair and claws is not difficult, but it must be regular. Wrinkles on the face and the area under the tail should be properly cleaned and washed to avoid the development of infection. Accumulation of secretions may lead to the bacteria appearance. In some cases special ointment is used. You should feed your Bulldog with high-energy and easily digestible food to prevent fatty deposits – according to the standard the bulldog must be slender and strong.

If the owner plans to exhibit his bulldog, and expects to win with the pet at shows, the dog needs more attention. In this case it is recommended to provide your dog with daily walks in the fresh air (up to 2 km), careful grooming, care of nails, eyes, ears and specially face skin folds.

The dog should be trained in a proper way, considering that this breed learns commands not too fast, but thoroughly. It is necessary to habituate a bulldog to the noise and crowds of people and dogs for it to be able to keep his head during the show. For this purpose you should walk the dog over the most brisk places.

Your Bully also needs to know how to walk nearby in a calm and measured way with a leash on, no matter who holds the leash - the owner, or outsider. At exhibitions Bulldogs compete in conformation and obedience; the workload is not allowed. However, the housing of bulldogs has certain characteristics and requires a great deal of responsibility. The main difficulty of keeping and breeding bulldogs is their vulnerability.

It happens that the puppies begin to suffer from overheating an hour later after their birth. In this case, they are put on a cold wet towel, provided that there are no drafts. You may put a bowl of ice cubes into the box of a little grown up puppies (from two to three weeks). And if necessary they will crawl to it or away from it. When transporting this dog, especially in summer in a car, you need to bring bags of ice to cover the pet with them at the first sign of overheating. When the air temperature is above 30 ° C the dog must be kept in a cool basement or in a room with air conditioning.

Having noticed the symptoms of overheating it is important to clean or wash the dog's throat from accumulating secretions in time. If signs of heat stroke (syncope, shock) appear, the handler should promptly contact his veterinarian. It is extremely risky to conduct antishock therapy alone, the dog may die!

Delivering puppies in females is quite a complex procedure because of the anatomy of bulldogs. Thus vast majority of puppies often appear with the help of planned cesarean section. Even if birth complications are not expected, this operation is also applied not to risk the puppies and their mother.

Only very experienced breeders can take delivery on their own, provided that this is not the first delivery for female, and all the features of the birth are well-known. But then, after a successful delivery, the dog must immediately be shown to the vet. On the other hand, the female who succeeded to give birth without an operation is considered to be more attentive mother to its pups.

Feeding the puppies can be a serious problem if their mother will not have enough milk. In such cases, the puppies can be fed by a bottle, a syringe with a plastic nipple on or a tube (catheter or probe).

In general, it should be noted that English Bulldogs depend on their owner much more than other breeds. For example, because of their body construction they cannot even scratch themselves and need regular massage. Experts compare Bulldog's housing with having a child who is totally dependent on their parents. To learn much more interesting information about this amazing animals, read other articles.