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Tracker’s Trilogy – New Jersey(Badge On My Collar)

As the two mucked along though the squishy quagmire, the long slender husks slapped against them and rustled with each touch. Stalk after stalk, Joe pushed the brown tassels away from his face. Cotton-like fibers stuck to the sweat on his face and neck, creating a torturous itch reminiscent of encounters with fiberglass insulation. Joe’s feet grew heavy, laden with caked mud, and as Zeke plodded along through the mire, soft mud pushed up between all of his toes.

The next thing you know, Snap takes off, and I'm yelling for him to come back. I don't have a clue what he’s up to, but I’m worried. We’re in deep, and Snap is the only one who knows the way out. He gets about ten-yards-away, dives into the bull rushes and disappears. Two seconds later, Snap reappears, but he’s got a foot in his mouth with a leg and a man attached to it. And this guy must have been the female Jersey Devil, because he’s answering that mating call I heard earlier. Somehow, these two knuckle heads managed to find each other in the swamp, and Snap decided he wasn't leaving without both of them! And I agreed with him. Besides, I told Snap that I knew what he was doing the whole time. I think he believed me. Well, Snap cleared about seven burglaries that night. And you wouldn't believe how many other burglaries these two confessed to Snap on that long walk out. 
“Naturally, the detective that's with us already has an attitude, because he thinks we're on a wild goose chase. He's minus one shoe and dry cleaning won't fix his suit, so he's gonna seize the opportunity to suggest that Snap took us the long way just to pee on that sign.”