Bulldog’s living together with children and animals

First of all we would like you to note one extremely important thing. Never leave any dog unsupervised with children. Children sometimes behave unpredictable, making quick and abrupt movements, frightening the dog. And the dog may respond to it in different ways. However if you have children your Bully will be gentle enough in playing. They will scarcely harm your babies, but still these dogs sometimes may be a bit coarse. Thus attend to your children and dog all the time.

The other necessary advice is to teach your children to be kind and gentle with the pet. Note that the Bulldogs are rather powerful and strong dogs that can hit your dog during play even unintentionally.
There are a lot of recommendations how children should behave when having a dog at home. We gathered them together and are glad to present you the following pieces of advice.

Make your children understand that they should approach your Bully calmly and peacefully avoiding sharp movements. Children should realize that a puppy or a dog is not a toy. Thus it is not recommended to squeeze or press it; especially they don’t have to pull tails, legs or ears. Be gentle and have a nice time with your pet.

The next rule concerns the interaction of the child with the dog as well as the dog with the puppy. Not being supervised they both can harm each other. Recall that puppy’s nails may scratch baby’s soft skin. Take into account that puppy may be teething and in this case it will try to chew everything, which makes it possible to injure baby as well.

Teach your children how to take in their arms a puppy. It is not recommended to grasp the dog. Let child’s hand glide under the pet`s body, somewhere in the chest area and hold carefully the hindquarters by the other hand. If your kid is not able to hold a puppy yet, control hugs and cuddling

Being small, your children need to doze from time to time. Puppies are the same children! They also need to nap to have good health, but your children may not understand this and disturb pet all the time, not giving it an opportunity to have a rest. Thus supervise relax periods when your dog is able to sleep or just have a rest from attention and hugs.

Your children may also take care of the dog. According to their age give them some simple errands, such as walking or feeding. It will help you to teach your children to be responsible and take care of others. However don't forget that it is you who is liable for the health of the dog. The dog should have fresh meals and regular walking, because only proper care may give you happy relations with your small friend.

Living together with animals

If to speak about the Bulldog and other animals living together, you should always remember that once upon a time these dogs were used for baiting other animals. It would be reasonable to supervise them or to set them apart when uncontrolled to avoid undesirable outcome.

If you already have some animals at home especially dogs, feed them enough for them not to fight for food. Besides, it is highly recommended to take dogs of different sex, because when they reach sexual maturity jealousy may appear. If you noticed that dogs didn’t like each other at list once, remember they should always be supervised or separated.

Bulldogs get on with cats if raised together. However again this rule should be observed: don’t leave them alone, until you are sure that they get on very well together. Supervise instructions and enjoy relations with your Bully.