The History of French Bulldog Breed

Though English and French Bulldogs are brothers still each of this breed reflects its peculiarities and differences. These are two separate breeds with similar standards. If compared, the similar part of the standard has it that Bulldog's chest should be broad and full as well as the colors of dogs are also of the same kind. French Bulldog is a smaller dog with bat ears.

And now let’s talk about the history of French Bulldog.

English Bulldogs have been massively introduced on the European continent at the middle of the 19 century. At that time the breed standard has not yet been worked out and the Bulldogs greatly differed from each other, particularly in weight and size.

In 1848-1860 years there was raging economic crisis in England and the flow of unemployed, mostly weavers, gushed across the Channel - to the north of France and Belgium in search of a better life. They brought Bulldogs for the entertainment and protection of property, as well as a piece of their native England. British workers chose smaller Bulldogs as companions as far as it was more convenient in traveling.

In addition, their owners probably interbred dogs with the descendants of the Spanish Bordeaux Bulldogs, as well as, possibly with Terriers and Pugs. The immigrants settled mainly in the suburbs, forming a densely populated area, and soon a new breed - the French Bulldog was born in the outskirts of Paris.

The breed was not recognized in England - the Bulldog's home for a long period of time. Patriotic members of English society, many of whom were dog breeders, considered the Bulldogs to be only of English origin. It could not go on forever. In 1890 French Bulldogs were imported from France to the UK continue and it became impossible to ignore the existence of this species.

However, the English Kennel Club sat tight and in 1894 identified small (weighing less than 20 pounds) British Bulldogs in a special group - the Toy Bulldogs, declaring that they are the very French Bulldogs whose owners have encroached on British national treasure.

Although the difference in exterior between so-called Toy Bulldogs and French Bulldogs was obvious - the latter were more elegant and had large rounded bat ears. Both breeds were evaluated in the ring in England for a long time. In 1902 there was established English Club of French Bulldogs and in 1904 this breed was sounded in the ring for the first time. A year later the breed was finally recognized by the Kennel Club of Great Britain. This occurred even earlier than in France, and, thus, the conflict was over. The priority for miniature Bulldogs won France.

English Toy Bulldogs remained popular until 1910. According to the standard, they differed only in size from the rest of the Bulldogs. The breed didn't have support any more, and soon the toy Bulldogs disappeared. Concerning France Bulldogs have become national pride as well as English in the UK. Although with the lapse of time English Bulldogs got their fans in France, the popularity of French Bulldogs stayed incomparable.

There is an interesting fact from the history of French Bullies. They were of high popularity among Parisian prostitutes and later gain fame with fashionable people, especially ladies.